2020 Census

Every 10 years, the United States is required by the Constitution to count every person living in the U.S. and its territories. The census count determines many important things, such as services for people with disabilities and representation in Congress.

The Census Bureau has learned that some groups are harder to count than others. People with disabilities are one of those groups – so the Census Bureau is taking extra steps this time to make sure the census is accessible and that they reach out to more people.

Disability Rights Maine is proud to be a member of Maine's Complete Count Committee.

Learn more about the census and how to make sure you and others are counted with the resources on this page, or by visiting the Census Bureau website at: www.2020census.gov

And if you are wondering if anything is changing about the 2020 Census because of the coronavirus pandemic – no, not really. It’s still on, and it’s still important. Although in-person visits were on hold for a while, these started happening the week of July 14th.  Also, the deadline for completing the Census is September 30, 2020.

The Census Matters

The Census is Confidential

"Your responses to the 2020 Census are safe, secure, and protected by federal law. Your answers can only be used to produce statistics—they cannot be used against you in any way. By law, all responses to U.S. Census Bureau household and business surveys are kept completely confidential." - US Census Bureau

Learn More: The 2020 Census and Confidentiality (PDF)