Accessible Trail Opening Day

Join Three Rivers Land Trust at Goat Hill on Saturday, June 3rd for a grand opening of their new accessible trail!

Enock Glidden, a speaker, advocate, and adventurer who has been spurring the creation of more accessible spaces across Maine, will join Three Rivers Land Trust at the summit of Goat Hill to celebrate the official opening of the trail. Enock helped them tremendously last fall with a trail assessment that included traveling to the top and touring the accessible picnic area. He gave valuable information and recommendations. While Enock was able to climb the trail in a manual wheelchair, Goat Hill might be a challenging route for some visitors as it rises 151 feet in less than a mile. However, the trail’s compacted gravel surface and moderate grades will allow most folks to give the trail a try with their preferred equipment.

Trail Opening Details
Saturday, June 3rd 1205 H Road, Acton
Enock’s presentation at the trail summit will begin at 2 PM. Take the time you need to ascend the trail 0.7-mile trail. Land trust staff and board will be available at the parking area and trailhead to welcome you and answer questions.

Essential Trail Info for Visitors:

  • Typical and minimum trail width: The Goat Hill Trail has a minimum width of five feet, and is typically 5-7′ in width
  • Length, elevation, surface type: This is a gravel trail that runs approximately 3,600′ (0.7mi) from the trailhead to the height of the summit, rising 151′ in elevation, using several long switchbacks. The surface is a compacted ¾” crushed gravel, with two small wooden bridges flush with the trail surface. At the summit, an accessible circular path about 500′ in length connects to several viewpoints and picnic table pads, and the gravel surface is the same as the trail.
  • Typical and maximum running slope: The average slope is 3.5%. Many slopes on the trail portion are 6% to 8% and the maximum slope is 10%. The maximum length of running slopes over 5% is 200’. Shorter resting intervals are provided for slopes greater than 5%.
  • Typical and maximum cross slope: The cross slopes on the trail’s treadway are no more than 5%. There are side slopes greater than 5% just off the treadway – use caution and stay on the treadway.
  • Obstacles: There are no obstacles over one inch (1”) in the treadway. Larger stones are used to denote where side slopes are difficult or severe.
  • Amenities: There will be an accessible portapotty at the trailhead from the late spring through fall, but there are no such facilities at the summit of Goat Hill. At the summit, there are several accessible-design picnic tables.

    If you have questions about the trail, please feel free to give Cheri Dunning a call at (207) 358-9695.

Visit the Three Rivers Land Trust website for more information.