Autism Fall Conference

Social Thinking Methodology

Nancy Tarshis, MA, MS, CCC-SLP

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As a Social Thinking Trainer and Speaker for Michelle Garcia-Winner’s Social Thinking Methodologies, Nancy helps people with social emotional learning challenges improve how they interpret and respond to social information to better connect with others. “At our conferences, we teach professionals and parents strategies to improve social competencies in those they support. Our practical strategies can be used immediately in the classroom, clinic, home and community, and help improve performance on educational standards (including the Common Core Standards), as well as reinforce programs such as PBIS, RTI, SEL, and others”.

Nancy Tarshis is a speech-language pathologist whose prolific career includes extensive experience working with children and their parents. In 1992, she joined the professional team at the Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC) at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where, in 1996, she was named Supervisor of Speech and Language Services. Currently, she maintains a clinical practice, see-ing patients birth to 21 for diagnoses and therapeutic treatment, supervises ten speech pathologists, lectures to medical residents and psychology interns, participates in research projects, and serves as adjunct clinical instructor at Teachers College, Columbia, Hunter College, NYU, and Hofstra University.

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