Ensuring Your Choice of Settings where HCBS is Provided

Are you someone who receives waiver services? Do you wonder about how you could be a more active member of your community or how you could meet and get to know more people in your local community? Are you struggling to plan interesting and meaningful days? Do you wonder about whether there are different places where you could receive the waiver services you are currently receiving? We will explore how the HCBS Rule ensures that people who receive waiver services are supported to be fully involved in their communities, to the same extent as people who don't receive waiver services.

Note: This session is also valuable for involved family members, advocates and/or legal guardians for an individual receiving waiver services.

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Visit https://www.maine.gov/dhhs/oads/about-us/initiatives/hcbs to learn about Maine’s Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Transition Initiative.

Both Sessions Presented by Dr. Lisa Mills

Dr. Lisa A. Mills has been a consultant in the field of disability for 29 years with a primary focus on community services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She has served as a consultant for several states on HCBS Setting Rule compliance and is currently a Subject Matter Expert with Economic Systems (EconSys) supporting Maine’s Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) transition to compliance initiative. She has worked in Maine and twenty other states over the past 14 years on Medicaid waiver renewals, Medicaid 1115 demonstration waivers, policy and rate/ reimbursement models, supporting service provider capacity-building and engaging other state systems as critical partners with Medicaid.

If you require accommodations to attend these trainings (for example sign language or other language interpreters, etc.) please inform Alexis Lull – Alexis.Lull@Maine.gov