Learn about Relay Conference Captioning (Zoom Presentation)

Video conference calls are becoming commonplace for many employees and employers. For some individuals, understanding what is being said on these calls can be difficult. Relay Conference Captioning (also known as RCC) is for individuals who are Deaf, hard of hearing or have speech difficulty hearing loss who want to actively participate in multi-party teleconference calls, and videoconferences, such as Zoom.

Want to see what RCC looks like? Go to https://www.sprintrelay.com/services/stc

Debra Bare-Rogers, TRS Advocate at Disability Rights Maine will be presenting. Debra will share how she uses Relay Conference Captioning and her experience as a woman with adult on-set hearing loss. Additional hearing loss resources, such as the Maine Relay and the Telecommunications Equipment Program (TEP) will be shared at this informative online presentation.

Relay Conference Captioning will provide captioning during this presentation.

Please RSVP. Bring your favorite cup of coffee- see you there!

To Join the Meeting:

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83522046360
Meeting ID: 845 5768 9942
Passcode: 222053

*Relay Conference Captioning (RCC) will be scheduled for these presentations. Can’t make these dates? You can also schedule a presentation for a staff/support group meeting or 1:1 appointment.

For questions or more information, go to: https://www.maine.gov/trs/home or email Debra Bare-Rogers at drogers@drme.org.