Visual Gestural Communication (So. Portland)

Trainer: Michelle Ames & Jennifer McCann

Intended Audience: Developmental Services direct support professionals, program managers, family members and case managers.

Visual-Gestural Communication (VGC) is useful to many people who need an alternative technique for expressing and understanding the wants and needs of other people in their environment. VGC is not a language like English, American Sign Language, or French. It is a communication mode that uses gestures, facial expressions, and body language. Often individuals, who cannot communicate effectively using either a spoken language like English or a formal signed language like ASL, will be able to communicate more effectively using natural gestures. In our classes, we help you to think visually and conceptually, and to use Visual-Gestural Communication to communicate more effectively with people who have limited formal language. New this year: VGC for Health and Wellness! Learn how to express ideas related to health, wellness, Doctors, Dentists, sexual health and behavior and other topics in VGC.

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