Webinar: Creating Accessible Content

While accessibility is very important and can be legally required in many situations, it is often the last thing considered when creating content, if it is considered at all. Accessibility is important for many reasons beyond legal requirements. By making your content fully accessible the information you are sharing can reach more people and it ensures critical information is not missed by readers. When content is fully accessible, it is beneficial to people with vision impairments, learning disabilities, color blindness, and many others.

This training walks participants through the steps of creating accessible content in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Many of these tools and techniques carry over to other platforms, such as Google Docs. The areas addressed in the training include the following: utilizing tools to increase ease of document navigation, creating accessible lists and tables, alt-text/tags for images, and visual presentation.

Presenter: Jessi Wright, Maine CITE Director


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CART captioning is provided for all Maine CITE webinars. If you need an additional accommodation to participate in this webinar, please contact Maine CITE on or before May 31, 2023 via e-mail at info@mainecite.org or by calling 207-621-3195 or Maine Relay 711.

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