Informational Website for Maine's CBHS Assessment

Posted on September 21, 2018


The Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS) of Maine DHHS has hired Public Consulting Group (PCG) to review Maine’s Children’s Behavioral Health System of Care (SOC). Key questions include:

  1. What are the strengths of the SOC? What is going well?
  2. What are the current problems and gaps in the SOC?
  3. What possible solutions do you or your organization think may help the SOC overcome current problems and gaps? What are the best ways for the SOC to improve?


If you are an advocacy organization, a provider organization, or any other person or entity that considers yourself/itself to be stakeholder in the children’s behavioral health SOC and to have valuable observations, experiences and suggestions...please answer the 3 questions above and email them to Susan Foosness of PCG ( PLEASE ALSO email your input to us at the Coalition (; the Coalition will post all input so that all stakeholders can learn from one another and so that there will be a public record of each stakeholder’s input.

If you are a youth, parent, or worker with experience in the children’s System of Care, PCG/OCFS is developing a Questionnaire for you. We also welcome you to post your comments publicly on this website. PCG/OCFS will also be holding Town Halls. We will pass along information on accessing the Questionnaire and the Town Halls as it becomes available.


Source: Maine Coalition for the Advancement of Child & Adolescent Mental Health