Dan Kipp


Youth Self-Advocacy Project Director

 |  Phone: 800.452.1948

Dan comes to DRM with a decade of professional experience in survivor advocacy, youth organizing, and prevention education. Dan received a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Women’s & Gender Studies in 2014, and since then has served as an educator and advocate with a local domestic violence resource center, a director of a national non-profit’s work engaging Maine schools and youth in sexual violence prevention and response initiatives, a trainer in Empowerment Self-Defense locally and nationally, and a facilitator of the Men’s Story Project at Colby College.

In collaboration with Speaking Up for Us, Dan is working to increase capacity for youth self-advocacy in Maine. This project will increase self-advocacy capacity through the creation of two youth-oriented self-advocacy chapters and through a pilot project that will support self-advocates in training high school students about self-advocacy, self-determination, and home and community-based services. Dan looks forward to working to expand and support self-advocacy in Maine!

In his free time, Dan loves music, books, food, flower arrangements, gardening, movement of all kinds, the Boston Celtics, and watching reality TV with his partner. He is the proud co-parent of 100-something houseplants and the two cutest chihuahuas in the world, who you can follow on Instagram @small_paolo.