Nell Brimmer, Esq.

Managing Attorney, DD Advocacy

 |  Phone: 207.626.2774

Nell Brimmer is a Managing Attorney for the DD Advocacy program at Disability Rights Maine (DRM).

Nell joined DRM as a staff attorney in June of 2016 after relocating from Atlanta, Georgia. She became managing attorney in March of 2017, and directs the delivery of advocacy services to Maine citizens with intellectual disabilities or autism who receive, or are eligible to receive, developmental services through the State of Maine. Nell also represents individuals in preserving and regaining their individual legal and civil rights.

Nell also oversees the agency's long-standing work on Supported Decision-Making, an alternative to guardianship that promotes self-determination, autonomy, and protects an individual's fundamental constitutional rights. She conducts workshops and trainings throughout the state to community members and stakeholders to highlight Supported Decision-Making as a viable alternative to guardianship.