Rep Payee Review Program

In March 2018, legislation was passed by the U.S. Senate to increase independent oversight of representative payees. As a result of the “Strengthening Protections for Social Security Beneficiaries Act of 2018,” Disability Rights Maine now conducts representative payee reviews on behalf of the Social Security Administration.

A rep payee is a person or organization appointed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to manage a person’s Social Security or Supplemental Security Insurance benefits. SSA appoints a representative payee if they determine that a person cannot manage or direct the management of their Social Security benefits on their own.

SSA categorizes rep payees into two groups:

  • Individual payees: These include relatives, guardians, friends, or any other interested person who is in a position to care for the beneficiary.
  • Organizational payees: These can include social service agencies, institutions, state or local government agencies, or financial institutions.
What does DRM's Rep Payee program do?
  • Reviews Rep Payees
  • Offers Educational Visits
  • Provides Corrective Action Plans
  • Conducts Trainings for Rep Payees
  • Provides Information and Referral to Beneficiaries
What do I do if I believe there's a problem with a Rep Payee?

If you believe a beneficiary’s needs are not being met by their representative payee, contact DRM to discuss your concerns at 800.452.1948.

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What should I expect during a Representative Payee review by DRM?