Take Part in the "Maine Access Mapathon"!

This year marks an important anniversary - the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. To commemorate the passage of this landmark civil rights law, Disability Rights Maine and the ADA Coalition of Maine are embarking on a "Maine Access Mapathon" project to map the accessibility of our cities and towns.

As we engage in a year of activities aimed at enforcement, education, and coalition building, this Mapathon is part of our outreach to communities to highlight access issues locally. By partnering with individuals throughout Maine, we hope to start conversations and spark change in how our cities and towns view access and inclusion.

Participation is easy: simply create a profile at www.axsmap.com on your phone or computer. Then, join our "Maine Access Mapathon" event. Once you are registered, simply search for a business and add your review! You may also choose to fill out the enclosed paper review form and mail it back to us. We’ll add your review to the map.

Equal access to buildings and programs means access to people, relationships, education, employment and opportunities. We all deserve that. Please join our efforts by contributing reviews from your community!

For more information, please contact Riley Albair at 207.626.2774 orralbair@drme.org.