Disabled & Deaf Trans People's Survey led by the Disability Project at the Transgender Law Center

The Disability Project wants to hear from disabled and Deaf trans people—particularly Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), low income and rural community members. Intentionally collecting stories, needs, and priorities from community is a tool to fight systemic oppression and advocate for ourselves. This survey is about building community power.

We know a lot is going on and things are rough out there—yet our experiences matter! If you can, please take the time to share your perspectives and truths in this groundbreaking survey. Visit dtpsurvey.org

You can take the survey in English, Spanish or ASL with closed captions. You can listen to each question by pressing play on the audio box underneath the question. There are a few open ended questions throughout the survey. For these questions, you can choose to type your answers or upload an audio file.

If you aren’t disabled, Deaf, and trans or gender non-conforming, you can help reach the community by telling a friend about this survey. Share this information or share Disability Project’s Instagram account @disabilityproject.tlc with your community so they can learn about this important survey.