Maine kids with disabilities expect quality services in their homes and communities!

  • Maine is required to provide in-home and community services for kids with disabilities. These services teach skills and provide therapy to kids and families. When these services work well, kids with disabilities can be successful at home, and not forced to live in institutions.

  • For many kids and families, the system is not working. There are two major problems with in-home and community services in Maine: access and quality.

  • Because of these access and quality problems, kids who otherwise could be served successfully at home are facing worse outcomes: going into crisis, frequent police calls and hospitalizations, stress on the family, need for residential treatment, and sometimes being placed out of state.


Please contact either GEAR Parent Network at 1-800-264-9224, Maine Parent Federation at 1-800-870-7746 or the Autism Society of Maine at 1-800-273-5200 to get involved.

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