Voting Access

DRM is committed to ensuring the full participation of Maine citizens with disabilities in the electoral process.  In partnership with our clients and allies, we work to remove barriers to voting and educate and train people on voting rights.   

Maine's Protection and Advocacy for Voter Access (PAVA) project:

  •  enforces equal opportunities for people with disabilities in gaining access to polling places, registering to vote, and casting a ballot;       
  • conducts training and education activities on voting rights for people with disabilities, elections officials, and other members of the community;
  • engages in systemic work to promote the involvement of people with disabilities in all aspects of the electoral process and in decisions that impact them.            


People with Disabilities Vote! Voting Rights Guide 2016

This manual is intended to provide a simple yet informative overview of voting rights of individuals with disabilities. This manual is not a substitute for legal advice. If you have specific questions or need assistance with a particular issue, please contact Disability Rights Maine (DRM).

People with Disabilities Vote! (ASL)

Resources for Voters with Disabilities

The Election Assistance Commission has compiled a list of helpful resources for individuals who wish to vote, have questions about voting, are seeking information about voting accessibility laws, and more!

Elections Assistance Commission

League of Women Voters of Maine

The League of Women Voters' (LWV) Elections & Voting page provides information on how to register and vote in Maine.

The LWV publishes easy-to-read voter guides and their site offers information about things such as: how to find your polling place, voter eligibility requirements, early voting in Maine, and more!

League of Women Voters - Elections & Voting

Assisting Voters with Disabilities

This video, excerpted from the Pennsylvania Department of State, teaches poll workers to best assist voters with disabilities.