COVID-19: Person-Centered Discussion Tool for Assessing the Risks of Having Visitors and Accessing the Community

COVID-19 is challenging for all and has made a lot of things change for people with disabilities. Now that we have entered a new phase of this emergency with many businesses, parks, restaurants, etc. reopening, OADS, DRM, and SUFU are receiving questions about rights and restrictions from both providers of services and individuals served.

Given that the rights of individuals with disabilities and the responsibility of providers to ensure health and safety may at times conflict with each other, OADS, DRM, and SUFU offer the following Risk/Benefit Discussion Guide to help individuals make the best decisions for themselves with the support of their families, case managers, and others. This tool* is an optional way to think about some of the health and safety risks that a person should consider before taking part in a new community activity and/or interacting with new individuals. As always, Person-centered principles should guide everyday practice before, during, and after an emergency.

*Please note this tool and the frequently asked questions are not intended to take the place of legal or medical advice. If this type of professional advice is needed, a professional should be consulted.

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